Cinema Salon presents M. Hulot’s Holiday


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Saturday April 26 MediaNet’s Cinema Salon is presenting M. Hulot’s Holiday.

Review of M. Hulot’s Holiday by Roger Ebert… Come see the film at MediaNet, Saturday, April 25, 6 pm…!

“Mr. Hulot’s Holiday” is a French film, with hardly any words in it. It plays as a silent film with music (a lilting, repetitive melody), a lot of sound effects and half-heard voices. Tati was a silent clown; he worked as a mime as a young man, and his Hulot seems to lack the knack of getting into a conversation. The movie is constructed with the meticulous attention to detail of a Keaton or Chaplin. Sight gags are set up with such patience that they seem to expose hidden functions in the clockwork of the universe….

and take a look at the trailer on YouTube