Coming Up: MediaNet’s Handmade and Analogue filmmaking workshop

Jan. 31- Feb 28, 2015

March exhibition

Program fee $99

A fun program for the creation of 8 mm, Super 8 or 16 mm film art. Cost of the program includes use of film cameras, one roll of S-8 film, hand development, and access to MediaNet film and video equipment for editing and completion of short film projects.

Completed films will be shown in MediaNet’s Flux Media Art Gallery.

The workshop includes: a discussion of classic experimental films; basics of shooting and processing film, including how to hand process; Cinematography; sound and effects; how to draw and paint on film; and editing, including transfer of film to video.

Workshops are led by Peter Sandmark,(Executive Director of MediaNet, teacher of  film at Concordia University) Scott Amos (MediaNet’s President, an artist, filmmaker, and instructor at UVic) and Filmmakers and artists Rick and Susy Raxlen, who will be leading a workshop on drawing on film.

For more information, or to register, please contact