Eco Doc

September 9-October 19, 2011


Eco Doc is a workshop for filmmakers and environmentalists to meet and produce short documentary films about issues

relating to the environment, community, global warming and sustainable development.


To register for the workshop, please contact



Here is the tentative schedule for this year’s Eco Doc program. Some details 

may change.


Friday 9 Sept  KeyNote Address  7 pm

Rick Searle – Venus and Neptune Projects

“Sights and Sounds from the Deep, and the Opportunity for Ocean Education”


Sat 10 Sept – 1 pm-Cinematography for the Documentary

Cyrus Block


Sunday 11 Sept – 7 PM  Tom Shandel

“The Art of the Social Documentary”


Wed 14 Sept

Will Horter – Dogwood Initiative


Thurs 15  Anna Malkin – shooting for the Editor


Sat 17 sept  -9 am to 6 pm  Story Editing

Judy Jackson & Kirk Schwartz


Sunday 18 – 1 pm  Environmentalism and the new media

Nicole Sorochan


18 Sept to Oct 11 (thanksgiving)  Video Production



Kirk Schwartz, Judy Jackson, Anna Malkin, Nicole Sorochan


Screening Wed 19 Oct