The purpose of MediaNet is to support the creative use of the medium of video/film as a form of communication and personal expression.


MediaNet has video and film cameras available to the public for the creation of personal works of self-expression; we offer as well tripods, sound equipment, lighting and accessories. There are rentals fees for all equipment, as well as an annual Equipment Access Fee, to help cover the equipment maintenance costs. Cameras are available at market rates, and also at a special rate for artists with financial need. Price list is located below. Several Macintosh computers are available for editing, with Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere and other software. Rentals can be paid by cash, cheque or e-transfer. Contact MediaNet for more information.


Equipment reservations can be made in person or by phone during office hours, 250-381-4428. (No bookings by phone messages!) Or email the Program Director at cat (at) to reserve equipment.


People using MediaNet equipment for editing MUST use their own hard drive. Bookings for laptops or the computer in the office can be made up to 60 days in advance. People may book up to 32 hours/month for editing in advance, more upon availability.

In order to rent equipment people must have paid all Equipment Access fees, have no outstanding debts to MediaNet,demonstrate sufficient knowledge of the equipment being rented,and have signed the MediaNet application form, accepting that they are liable for damage or loss not covered by MediaNets insurance.

Below are general equipment prices, as well as prices for creators/artists with financial need. Contact staff for prices for non-profit associations. Thank you.

Equipment list with prices