Hours: Tuesday – Saturday, noon to 5pm

FLUX presents innovative media art works by local, national and international media artists. With exhibitions, screenings, artist talks and installations FLUX provides artists and the community a gathering place for the exchange of ideas and dialogue on media arts practice.

Flux Media Art Gallery, 510 Fort Street, second floor, Victoria, V8W 1E6 fluxmediagallery@gmail.com Tel: 250-381-4428







On Thursday January 18, at 7 pm, FLUX media art gallery presents 6 short experimental films by two acclaimed contemporary Canadian media artists, Oliver Hockenhull from Vancouver, and Steven Woloshen from Montreal. location 510 fort Street, second floor, admission is free.

Steven Woloshen has received several awards for 1000 Plateaus (2004-2014) (2014) and Cameras Take Five (2003), in addition to being nominated three times for Best Animation at the Gala du cinma qubcois for Playtime (2009), Two Eastern Hairlines (2004) and Curse of the Voodoo Child (2005). He has also been twice nominated for Canadas Governor Generals Award in Media Arts, received the Avi and Dora Morrow Fellowship while completing his masters degree at Concordia University, and was awarded the 2015 Prize of the Cultural Office of the City of Wiesbaden, Germany. He is the author of two practical manuals on handmade filmmaking techniques, Recipes for Reconstruction: The Cookbook for the Frugal Filmmaker, published in 2010, and Scratch, Crackle & Pop! A Whole Grains Approach to Making Films Without a Camera, published in 2015.

1 – Bru Ha ha
2 – Cameras Take Five
3 – Fiesta Brava


Oliver Hockenhull’s works are iconoclastic, visionary journeys enlivened by an intimate, poetic, and enlightening perspective, concentrating on pivotal subjects; the social and intellectual import of the eminent writer, Aldous Huxley; an experimental film essay on evolution featuring Richard Dawkins (and the gorillas of the London Zoo); an essay on architecture extending from the early works of Mies van der Rohe to the steps of the Burning Ghats of Varanasi; a hyper media installation that questions chance as quantum indeterminate noise to edit video and (2013/2014) a double versioned feature documentary on psychedelics. His films & media installations have shown at such film festivals and venues as The International Documentary Film Festival of Amsterdam, The Museum of Modern Art, NYC, Hot Docs, Toronto, The National Gallery of Art, Washington, D.C., The Sao Paulo International Film Festival, The Melbourne International Film Festival, MIT/Boston, The Contemporary Cultural Centre of Barcelona, The Vancouver International Film Festival, The San Francisco Cinematheque, The International New Media Festival, Seoul, The Chicago International Film Festival, Festival Internacional de Arte Experimental, Bilbao, Spain, Tribeca Center for the Arts, NYC, Lincoln Center, NYC, etc. Works have been broadcasted on Canadian and European television.

– Cherenkov Radiation Jewelry box meltdown (3min)
– Robot Pavlov Sputnik, (7:23 min)
– Handmade Electricity (7:24)




Performative Recording: A Casual Reconstruction

In Partnership with Open Space. Part of the Deconstructing Comfort exhibition

8pm Friday September 8 at Open Space, 510 Fort St (second floor)

A Casual Reconstruction is a work by Nadia Myre that is informed by a dinner conversation she had with friends of Indigenous or mixed ancestry in Migmaq Territory. In this scripted performance, seven non-Indigenous people re-enact, perform, and inhabit the voices of First Nations people while they discuss identity and living within Indigenous, Anglophone, and Francophone cultures.


The performative re-enactment will take place on the first day of the Deconstructing Comfort exhibition. A Casual Reconstruction will be documented on the Sept 8th event, and will be presented for the duration of the exhibition as a digital recording.

MediaNet’s Handmade and Analogue experimental film screening at Integrate Arts Fest!

12pm to 5pm, Saturday September 26

The Flux Media Art Gallery presents a selection of films made during our Handmade and Analogue Film Production Programs at this years Integrate Arts Festival! From 12 -5pm on Saturday August 26, our Flux Media Art Gallery will come alive with images created using 16mm and super 8 film, including painting on film and hand-processing techniques.

Steve and Dan Shoot Each Other: Media Art Work by Eric Gaucher

Opening Reception: 7:00 -9:30pm Saturday July 29
Exhibition: July 29- Aug 12.
Gallery Hours: Tues – Sat, noon to 5pm

EricSTILL_4 copy



Steve and Dan Shoot Each Other draws from the tradition of abstract painting through filmmaking. The picture combines geometrical and lyrical abstraction to create a motion picture that embraces juxtapositions of dissonant colour arrangements, movement, and sound. The final result is a non-representational film that engages in the less rational, unsystematic, and randomness as a form of poetry.
Eric Gaucher is a filmmaker who began making music videos in the late-nineties for independent bands in Montreal, Canada. While playing music himself in various noise/rock bands, he went on to direct a number of documentaries featuring Canadian artists working in a variety of disciplines. Gaucher is currently working on a body of experimental work focusing formally and conceptually on sound.



Liminal Visibility: Choreography Meets Performance on Video

June 24 – July 13 at 636 Fort St

Opening Reception: 7pm Saturday June 24

A collaboration between MediaNet, The Art Gallery of Greater Victoria and the Victoria Arts Council (VAC)

dragu lady justice burden

Liminal Visibility is an exhibition of video installation works by three seminal Canadian performance artists: Margaret Dragu, Johanna Householder and Judith Price. These works merge performance art with dance practices and community interactions, and create environments that are by turns playful, satirical and meditative.

The artists will be present at the Opening Reception on June 24 to speak about their work. This evening will also be a fundraiser for the VAC, with a cash bar and a one-time chance to
save $5 on all one-year VAC memberships. Those who purchase memberships will be entered into a prize draw. If you or someone you know needs to renew their membership or wants to become a member, this is a perfect time!

Rotor: New Works by Trace Nelson

June 29 -July 22 at 510 Fort St (second floor)

Opening Reception: 7pm Thursday June 29

Artist Talk: 1pm Saturday July 22




Flux Media Art Gallery Presents Rotor, an installation of video works with painted and sculptural elements by Victoria multi-media artist Trace Nelson. In Rotor, Nelson reimagines leisure and travel through the process of abstract film, veiling superimpositions, hand-held gestural camera movements and richly coloured patterns to shape a transitory wakeful reverie.

Trace Nelson creates sculptural objects by disassembling found materials associated with craft and the home, at the same time investigating traditional gender roles. She reassembles and reconfigures furniture items and household appliances using video animation and reclaimed textiles to create new meanings in the form of hybrid objects. Nelson has exhibited in Canada, the U.S. and Europe, and has worked as an art educator for the past 15 years, teaching classes at Concordia University and the Vancouver Island School of Art. She has an MFA from Concordia University.

Brian Kent Gotro: FROM DISTANCE…/Laurent Lévesque: Adam’s Home/ Sarah Shamash and Aisha Jamal: Telling Traces

Flux Media Art Gallery May 19 -June 10

Opening Reception: 7pm Friday May 19

Gallery hours: Tuesday – Saturday, noon to 5pm


poster with date



The Flux Gallery is pleased to present three media arts exhibitions by artists from the US and across Canada: Brian Kent Gotro’s FROM DISTANCE… (Toronto), Laurent Levesque’s Adam’s Home (Seattle) and Telling Traces by Sarah Shamash and Aisha Jamal (Vancouver). These exhibitions explore ideas of home and abroad, connection and distance, location and displacement, and incorporate video projections, sound installations, and internet art.

Telling Traces subverts the western, colonial concept of the map and mapmaking as a subjective, feminine, personal and political narrative device. I speaks to mass human and cultural movements in the past and present while interrogating oral history as a narrative form. Oral histories become shifting registers of testimony,memory, myth, hopes, and dreams.

Adam’s Home explores human perceptions of time and space as intimately related to the earth, to the continent, to the constructions that dominate nature, and to the windows that frame the landscape. Balanced between masses of water and air, before a stormy horizon, nothing plays by the same rules. The window of Adam’s Home is a series of theoretical and temporal changes in the context of the relationship between space and time. However, for Adam and his colleagues this window offers a common experience that is almost banal.

At the heart of FROM DISTANCE is the unseen persona, the figure dwarfed in the seascape and somewhere off-screen. Her identity is obscured. We are left with fragments of lives lived through clues left.

Transcribed across a postcard sized monitor is a story of struggle and addiction penned to a loved one: Presented on a cell phone is a text message conversation between daughter and brother revealing bad news: On a television screen we watch a dwarfed figure dance alone while filming with his camera-phone in a quaint seascape: A rorschach-like projection floats mid-gallery revealing sweeping spaces, ocean vistas, wind-swept grass fields, a deserted dock and shipyard all possible clues to inhabited worlds and yet hauntingly void of the business of human presence.


ARTHOUSE and Cinema Salon screening series

MediaNet is pleased to announce our Arthouse and Cinema Salon screening series! Screenings take place at the Victoria Arts Council downtown gallery at 636 Fort St., and are free to attend. Each month has a different theme.

7pm March 30: Cinema Salon Presents Heart of a Dog



Laurie Anderson’s reflective musing on matters of life and death revisits the Tibetan Book of the Dead via her relationship with her beloved dog Lolabelle and the lost mother whom she worries she did not love. Animation and Super 8 footage lend personal texture to the documentary’s dreamy, healing fragments, with Anderson’s narration providing poetic perspective on childhood trauma, the nature of storytelling, the transience of life and the release of love.


The screening will be followed by a talk with Judith Price,a video artist, performance artist and educator, who will be speaking about the film and the art of Laurie Anderson.


7pm February 16: Cinema Salon Presents Chocolat


Dir. Lasse Halstrom, USA/UK (2000) Rated PG -13


Chocolat tells the story of a young mother, played by Juliette Binoche, who arrives at the fictional, repressed French village of Lansquenet-sous-Tannes with her six-year-old daughter and opens La Chocolaterie Maya, a small chocolate shop. Her chocolate quickly begins to change the lives of the townspeople.

7pm February 2:The Mistress of Spices

Dir. Paul Mayeda Berges, UK/India (2005) Rated PG -13

Film Title: Mistress of Spices.

In India, Tilo has the ability to see the future. She becomes the Mistress of Spices and is sent to the Spice Bazaar in San Francisco, with the mission of following three basic rules: help her clients to accomplish their desires with the spices, but never hers; never leave the store; and never be touched in the skin. When she meets the handsome American architect Doug, she feels a great attraction and desire for him, breaking the first rule and being punished by the spices. This delightful romantic fantasy is a perfect lead up to Valentines Day!

Bearing Witness: Media and Performance Art

March 10 and 11, 2017 



Bearing Witness is a weekend of media and performance art, exploring issues of personal, historical and cultural traumas, and looking at key themes of race, gender, childhood experiences, and the place of the individual. These private, often marginalized histories will be brought forward to be witnessed by the audience, with the question, what happens when something hidden is brought into the light? What is the role of contemporary storytelling?

Artists will incorporate video, movement, objects and projections into their works. Deanna Bowen’s film Give Me Shelter, documents her evolving relationship with her mother through a conversation about the Civil Rights Movement in America. Archer Pechawis’ Missing is about his missing brother and the continuing shadow of colonialism. Cindy Mochizuki tells the story of her Grandmother’s time in a Japanese Canadian Internment camp, while Grace Salez looks at the impact of her family’s experiences as survivors of the Nazis during World War II. Brenda Petays and Judith Price both explore the body and alienation in contemporary society. A discussion with the artists will take place at the end of the event on March 11.

Event details:

March 10 and 11, 2017at the Flux Media Art Gallery, 510 Fort St (second floor)

7pm March 10: performances by Open Actions (Grace Salez, Judith Price and Brenda Petays) (Victoria) and Cindy Mochizuki (Vancouver)

1pm March 11: video and performance by Deanna Bowen (Toronto) and Archer Pechawis (Toronto)

3pm March 11: Discussion with artists

Being Home – exhibition of media art works by Farheen HaQ

Pre-opening event: Remembering Our Mothers: Nov 18, 6 pm
Reception for Being Home: Nov 18, 7:30 – 9:30
Exhibition runs: November 18 until December 10





Being Home explores the psychic, spiritual and emotional territories within domestic spaces. Drawing on a history of feminist art practice that claims and makes space, Farheen HaQ records herself in relation to domestic objects, to create a vocabulary of gestures with which to negotiate the overlapping identities of motherhood, feminism, gender and ethnicity, making visible the interior and subconscious world she occupies in her home.




November 3rd, 7 pm: PAUL SHARITS, the documentary.



MediaNet presents PAUL SHARITS, a documentary feature film by Francois Miron, in FLUX media art gallery, 510 Fort Street, 2nd floor. In the mid sixties Paul Sharits (1943-1993) explored the potential of the flicker film, provoking audiences with pulsating, colourful mosaics. The documentary covers his life’s work. The screening will also present examples of Sharit’s flicker films.



THURSDAY, OCTOBER 20, at 6 pm in FLUX gallery!

Get in the Halloween spirit with this classic vampire film. Vampyr is a 1932 German-French film by Director Carl Theodor Dreyer. It tells the strange story of Allan Gray, a young man whose studies of devil worship and vampires have distorted his perception of the real and the unreal. In German and French with English subtitles.

The screening is followed by a discussion with Peter Golz, Associate Professor of German and Slavic Studies at the University of Victoria, who specializes in Vampire mythology.


The Interchange Digital Art Symposium, October 7 -15

Reception: 7pm Friday October 7

Artists’ Talk: 1pm Saturday October 8 with Morgan Tams, Tina Pearson, Scott Amos and Prof. David Leach

Gallery hours for this exhibition only: 5-9pm October 11-15

Image from Window Movie by Morgan Tams

Image from Window Movie by Morgan Tams

October 7th at 7 pm MediaNet launched its INTERCHANGE Digital Art Symposium, with a reception for the exhibition of interactive media arts works by two Vancouver Island  artists, Tina Pearson and Morgan Tams.

Interchange was an opportunity for discussion and reflection on the place of digital technology incontemporary society. The two new interactive and online media artworks by Morgan Tams and Tina Pearson merged the hands-on with the virtual, and the natural world with the technological.

The artist talk on Saturday October 8 at 1 pm featured a panel discussion with Tams and Pearson, as well as artist Scott Amos, and David Leach, Head of the Department of Writing at the University of Victoria – who has written several papers about on-line technologies – for a discussion forum on the state of digital art today.

Morgan Tams’ work, Window Movie, aims to provide a window into faded memories of British Columbia’s past using interactive elements, and exploring how the online experience can be translated into a site-specific sculptural work within a gallery setting.

While utilizing digital tools, such as the internet and Second Life, Tina Pearson’s work, Absorb, ponders a reality without humans or their technologies – one where dispersed essences of human presence are remembered in the biosphere, but human materials and machines have disappeared.

The exhibition continued from October 11-15 in the evenings, from 5-9 pm.




Flux Gallery’s Summer of Production!


This summer, the Flux Gallery will be a hive of artistic creation. With the assistance of our Technical Director, Kirk Schwartz, and with the support of commissioning grants from Canada Council and the British Columbia Arts Council, seven artists will work to create a variety of new media artworks, from interactive digital projects, to web-based works, to media arts performance and installation. We are very pleased to support these exciting new creations!



Solo exhibitions by participants in the Indigenous Youth Arts Program


The participants in Open Space’s Indigenous Youth Arts Program (IYAP) will be showing their works in the Open Space gallery February 26-28. More info

Beginning March 1, individual artists from this program will each have a week to exhibit their media-based art in the Flux Media Art Gallery.


March 1 to 5 Sionainn Phillips
March 8 to 12 Audie Murray
March 15 to 19 Chesa Abma
March 22 to 26 Meagan R Musseau
April 5 to April 9 – Jesse Campbell
April 12 to 16 Keilah Lukenbill-Williams



Flux Gallery Presents Convolution, a new film installation by Alex MacKenzie

February 5-20 at 510 Fort St.


Largely inspired by early approaches and experiments in stereo imaging, these works seek to dismantle cinematic codes both economic and visualwhile foregrounding projector and light as sculpture; a conscious and playful corruption of apparatus to open up a conversation about the viewing experience, reshaping representation and narrative into a realm of abstraction, materiality and space. Repurposing 16mm projectors and film to engage aspects of binocular disparity, focus, perspective, and patterning proposes a reconfiguring of, and inquiry into, the conventions of cinema and the projected image.





Flux Media Art Gallery is seeking submissions for our 2016-2017 programming year (October 1, 2016 – September 30, 2017). We are looking for works of media art, defined as: film, video, sound art, and net art. This also includes installation art, interactive art or performance works focused around these forms.

Proposals will be adjudicated by a jury, and artists will be notified of the results within two months.

Deadline for submissions is February 1, 2016

Please send the following information to fluxmediagallery@gmail.com

  • Artist’s name and contact information
  • A description of the proposed exhibition (500 words max.)
  • An artists’ statement (500 words max.)
  • A CV showing past exhibitions or screenings of work
  • Photo documentation of previous works, or links to works on line
  • Please indicate any technical support that may be required for presentation of the work, including any equipment needs.

If you have questions about the submissions process, please contact Catlin Lewis, Programming Director, at cat@medianetvictoria.org

“The Flux Media Art Gallery is dedicated to presenting innovative media art works by local, national and international media artists. It is a place for dialogue and the exchange of ideas surrounding media arts practice, and an incubator for the creation of new works. Our commitment to contemporary artists is inclusive of all generations, cultures and communities.”



Flux Presents “Inner View” a screening and talk with Toronto experimental animation artist Patrick Jenkins.

7pm December 1 at Flux, 510 Fort St.

Patrick Jenkins is an award-winning Canadian artist, animator and documentary filmmaker living in Toronto, Canada, who specializes in paint-on-glass animation, a form of stop motion animation.

See our Event Page

Jenkins crop


Flux Gallery call for proposals

Following up on our successful greenlight production grant, MediaNet is seeking proposals from artists to create new video art works.

Deadline extended to December 15, 2015

The successful applicant will receive the use of MediaNet equipment and technical support for the creation of a new work to be exhibited in the Flux Media Art Gallery in 2016, in lieu of an artists’ exhibition fee. 

The gallery may be made available for shooting and development of the work.

The application deadline is extended to December 1st. Proposals will be adjudicated by a jury. 
Please send the following information to fluxmediagallery@gmail.com :

– Artist’s name and contact information
A description of the proposed project, including a statement of its artistic merit
– Technical support required, both for production and presentation of the work

– a list of equipment and/or resources needed to create and present the work

-Timeline for production and post-production of the project

– samples of or links to previous work and a CV



MediaNet presents Videographe’s “Feminitude,” a screening of works by Quebec women video makers 

7pm November 14 at the Flux Media Art Gallery, 510 Fort St.

Free to attend – donations appreciated


MediaNet is pleased to present “Feminitude,” a screening of 6 works by women artists from Videographe arts centre.

The videos were selected by Lysanne Thibodeau, an independent curator from Montreal. Lysanne will be present at the screening to speak about the works and her curatorial process.

See the Feminitude event page


Brandon Poole at Flux Gallery




ANTIMATTER presents Hither Green – Brandon Poole 3 channel installation | 2:27 | October 17 to 31 Opening Reception: Saturday, October 17 at 7pm Flux Media Art Gallery, 510 Fort Street Hours – Tues–Sat, noon–5 pm Brandon Poole is a Victoria-based artist whose practice hovers between material and image. brandonpoole.org | Canada | 2015 | World Premiere


Coyote Rising, an exhibition of work by video artist Terry Haines

May 23- June 13 2015

Coyote Rising


video still from Warrior, 2008

video still from Warrior, 2008

Terry Haines was a multidisciplinary artist of Secwepemc/ Welsh-Tsilhqot’n/French ancestry. His interdisciplinary media art practice is rooted in personal storytelling. His short videos and installations have been curated, exhibited and screened across Canada, the USA, the Czech Republic, Germany and Mexico. Haines was a featured artist in ART STAR 3 – Video Art Biennial (Ottawa 2007), Entzaubert Film Festival (Berlin 2009), Dreamspeakers International Aboriginal Film and Television Festival (Edmonton 2008), MIX Film Festival (New York 2007) and RED EYE- First Nations Short Film & Video Exhibition (Newfoundland 2008, Ontario 2006). Terry passed away on March 2, 2013.





MediaNet’s Member Talk Series presents: a talk with New Media Producer: Nicole Sorochan.


What are the current challenges and requirements of a Producer in today’s media landscape? How do you choose your funding and distribution models and tackle the digital landscape including transmedia?

The talk will use two feature documentaries, Amplify HER (currently in Production) and Occupy Love (released in 2013) as case-studies to show the process in action.

Nicole’s Bio:
Nicole is an accomplished new media Producer with work that has appeared on Current TV, The Real News Network, and Al Jazeera. She is currently producing Ian MacKenzie’s newest film, Amplify HER (amplifyherfilm.com). She is also the Creative Director of One Net Marketing, a creative agency based in Victoria, BC.

Nicole has combined her film expertise with her technical prowess as Transmedia Director for several projects including: “Your Weight in Gold”, a story-driven copper and gold calculator for Nettie Wild’s film FAULTLINES (2016); “Hipster Bait,” a music discovery game that won the 2013 International Merging Media “Best Cross-Platform Pitch” award; “Found Love,” a mobile and web platform that encourages the audience to help co-create the largest collection of hearts on the Internet for Velcrow Rippers film OCCUPY LOVE (2013) and “The Genius of Caring” a web experience for caretakers of alzheimer’s patients, premiering alongside the PBS release of the film or THE GENIUS OF MARIAN (2013) by San Francisco based Banker White.

Nicole Sorochan image






Artist’s Talk with Scott Amos

7pm Saturday January 17

Still from Primordial Soup

Still from Primordial Soup

Interactive and film artist Scott Amos will present several of his short experimental films and discuss his use of found footage, hand processing and chemical alteration of film stock.

7pm Saturday January 24
Quantum Zen
A film-loop installation by Peter Sandmark

Still from Quantum Zen

Still from Quantum Zen

Filmmaker and musician Peter Sandmark will present his QUANTUM ZEN film – which was screened in the Antimatter Film Festival in October – in the form of a film loop gallery, with 8 mm film projectors. ONE NIGHT ONLY!

7pm Saturday January 31
Screening of works by Stan Brakhage and Phil Solomon

Still from Dante Quartet by Stan Brakhage

Still from Dante Quartet by Stan Brakhage

MediaNet presents a screening of the DANTE QUARTET and other films by renown experimental filmmaker Stan Brakhage, along with works by American film artist Phil Solomon. A talk led by Marilyn Brakhage will follow the screening.


FLUX Media Art Gallery  Hours: Tues – Sat noon to 5pm

510 Fort St (second floor), Victoria, BC, V8W 1E6

The Flux Media Art Gallery is dedicated to presenting innovative works by local, national and international media artists. It is a gathering place for dialogue and the exchange of ideas surrounding media arts practice. Through exhibitions, screenings, artists’ talks and installations, Flux Media Art Gallery connects artists and the community.

Contact: Catlin Lewis   fluxmediagallery@gmail.com

Critical writing on media art:  Vantage Point