1 – Basic membership, annual fee $30; $45 additional fee for access to equipment and technical support services, total $75.00.
2 – Producer Access Fee (for non-members) annual amount of $75.00; provides access to equipment and technical support.

Please email us your CV in addition to paying the fees. Send your CV to

For non-profit and cultural organizations, Annual Equipment Access fee of $150. Non-profits wishing to access MediaNet equipment must designate a representative for the organization’s projects.

Members and Equipment user’s obligations:

• must attend an orientation meeting,
• demonstrate ability to operate equipment.
• are liable for equipment they rent (see rental form)
• must credit MediaNet in their work,
• provide a video copy of the finished work.
• must support the MediaNet mission, mandate, and operating principles, and agree to abide by the Member Contract conditions.

All Members and people using MediaNet equipment and services must adhere to the MediaNet Code of Conduct: MediaNet is a community based on principles of mutual respect and cooperation. Privileges are contingent on observance of these principles. If a person contravenes these principles by becoming verbally or physically intimidating or abusive to another person or staff member, staff is authorized by the Board to ask any person to leave the MediaNet premises. Then the Board will investigate the complaint and interview all concerned parties. If the Board finds the complaint to be valid, the Board will take appropriate action, which may include return of the keys and all MediaNet property, and suspension of membership or equipment access privileges.

You can purchase your membership or Equipment Access fee online via Paypal!

Producer Access Fee $75.00 (non-members), provides access to equipment and technical support:

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Membership with access to equipment and technical support ($30 membership + $45 Access Fee = $75.00):
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Please contact the office for additional details regarding access for Organizations, or other questions.
MediaNet,510 Fort St, second floor, Victoria BC V8W 1E6
tel:250-381-4428, email: